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Who are we?

We are a young company based on the principles of architecture in its context. We orient our architecture on the principles of circularity and aim for the greatest sustainability of our projects by using organic and geo-sourced materials.


Founder & Architect


Founding architect - UCL - 2009

Born in Schaerbeek, January 19, 1985

Mother tongue : French

Written and spoken languages : Dutch, English

Since February 2014 : Associate architect B[o] architects scprl

Architect UCL 2009

Thesis - Distinction: "The therapeutic virtues of architecture in hospitals:

the room within its service" UCL

Training : PEB Advisor (Bxl Region) - 2011

Training : Urban planning and territorial development (UCL) - 2009

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Collaborating Architect


Collaborating architect - UCL - 2021

Born in Uccle, on October 05, 1995

Mother tongue : French

Written and spoken languages : English, Spanish

Spoken language : Dutch

Since June 2021: Collaborating architect B[o] architects scprl

Bachelor in Architecture UCL (Distinction) - 2019

Master in Architecture and Urbanism KUL (Cum Laude) - 2021

Final thesis: "Leisure Water uses as Urban Commons: a Play element in metropolitan Brussels

Erasmus: University of Queensland, Brisbane (Australia) with merit scholarship - 2019

Amateur argentic photographer

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Collaborating Architect


Collaborating architect - UCL - 2016

 Born in Ixelles, on July 14, 1993

 Mother tongue: French

 Written and spoken: Dutch, English

 Bachelor and Master in Architecture UCL (Distinction) - 2016

 Final thesis: “Accessibility for people with reduced mobility in events dedicated to the general public”

 Training: PEB advisor (BXL region) - 2019

 Interested in sustainable materials and interior decoration

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